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McMillan Rapid Gain


Quality protein to help with muscle development and maintenance

At 20% protein (dry matter) Rapid Gain is ideal for any horses requiring conditioning and enhanced muscle development. This means it is a great feed for showing, yearling preparation, older horses or any horse requiring assistance in bulking up. Because the protein is from highly digestible, quality sources it contains a great ratio of essential amino acids such as lysine, methionine and threonine for optimum muscle development over a short time period.

Tasty without being high in starch

Despite containing some amount of steam flaked maize and barley for digestible energy sources, Rapid Gain is not high in starch. The overall starch content of Rapid Gain is no more than 28%, making it a moderate starch feed that contains less starch than many other performance and breeding feeds available in NZ. The steam flaked grains are formulated at a level that is enough to increase palatability while keeping starch levels acceptable for growing young horses safely and avoiding hyperactive behaviour in horses that are able to tolerate some amount of starch in their diets.

Tasty without being high in sugar
Molasses is a great way to increase palatability and ‘yumminess’ of a feed, however too much molasses can contribute to various problems in horses due to the sugar content. The molasses content in Rapid Gain is adequate to encourage fussy eaters to clean up their bins while keeping overall sugar content in the feed at below 8%. While not suitable for horses and ponies that have low tolerances to sugars, such as metabolic conditions and laminitis, Rapid Gain can be safely fed at low levels to many horses without contributing to behavioural problems that some higher sugar feeds can cause.

Highly concentrated vitamin and mineral formulation

Due to the high levels of quality vitamins and organic trace minerals, Rapid Gain can be classed as a ‘semi-concentrate’. This means less feed is required on a daily basis to meet requirements for all the essential trace minerals and vitamins that horses need to stay healthy. Rapid Gain also contains Zinpro organic trace minerals including zinc, copper, manganese and chromium, which are research proven to be highly bioavailable.

100% Kiwi grown steam flaked grains

Growing grain is an important part of New Zealand’s farming history. McMillan is proud to support our local farmers by using only New Zealand grown steam flaked maize and barley in all of our equine feeds, including Rapid Gain.

Highly digestible AMAZING cold pressed canola oil for optimum conditioning

Canola oil is a fantastic source of digestible fat, and Rapid Gain contains cold pressed, extra virgin canola oil sourced locally from New Zealand arable farmers. Canola also has a great essential fatty acid ratio.

Organic selenium and natural vitamin E for superior antioxidant protection

Selenium and vitamin E are both essential antioxidants that play important roles in muscle health and immunity. Rapid Gain contain organic selenium and natural vitamin E for enhanced bioavailability.

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