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Cold Pressed Canola Oil


Cold Pressed Canola oil is one of McMillan Equine feeds key ingredients sourced locally fresh from farm to ensure a quality product every time. The cold pressed canola oil used in our feeds has been extracted from New Zealand GE Free grown Cold Pressed Canola Seeds where the majority of the crop is grown in the South Canterbury region by our local South Island farmers. The seeds are then cold pressed at Pure Oil NZ’s Rolleston crush plant located a short walk from our own feed mill, ensuring all product are received fresh.

The process that Pure Oil NZ uses to cold press the oil ensures we are able to retain higher levels of the natural essential vitamins and minerals that are lost in heat treated or chemically extracted oils. The cold pressed oil provides a great ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids and an ideal source of slow releasing energy, perfect for horses that can become hyperactive or anxious. 

Including cold pressed canola oil in the equine diet is also highly effective with assisting horses to gain condition and develop muscle, and can boost skin and coat health which is mostly recognized by improved coat shine. 

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