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The Wilson Family Feeding for Success

The Wilson family and McMillan Equine Feeds have enjoyed an exciting journey over the last 10 years and in partnership they have grown into a force to be reckoned with in the equestrian world. As sponsors, the team at McMillan
provide support and guidance on feeding to the horse-loving family.

Simon, Claire, Tim and Anna Wilson are a farming family from Central Hawke’s Bay. Based on Mount Herbert Farm, near Waipukurau, the whole family are heavily involved with various equestrian disciplines.

They spend the summer months touring the countryside with a team of nine showjumpers on the truck. This includes homebred youngsters,some ponies and a couple jumping at the higher levels. Both Simon and Claire have been past Olympic Cup winners and New Zealand team representatives, so they understand exactly what it takes to produce horses performing at the best of their ability. McMillan has a wide range of feed available for competition horses,who each have different requirements.

Given the large number of horses the family competes regularly, there is a wide range of different types with different nutritional needs. The majority of the Wilson’s showjumpers receive Sport Horse, a high-quality, steam-flaked grain mix that is ideal for providing a balanced level of required nutrients as well as an optimum blend of energy sources to support both fast and slow-release energy requirements. Any horse requiring additional calories and protein for weight gain and maintenance while competing receives Rapid Gain, a highly versatile steam-flaked grain blend that is ideal for providing additional digestible protein and fat for conditioning.

Simon also trains a few racehorses, with the 2019 Winter Cup winner Dez, being his most successful. Dez’s achievements were even more rewarding considering his return to racing after a near career-ending injury as a young horse. The racehorse’s dietary needs are a very important aspect of their success, and McMillan has had a lot of input into producing a feed programme that suits each horse. Sport Horse is also the feed of choice for Simon’s racehorses, as it contains digestible steam-flaked grains including oats (for fast-release energy) as well as cold-pressed canola oil and high levels of organic trace minerals and natural vitamin E.

The Wilsons are also keen hunting and pony club members and are very involved with organising low-level charity equestrian events. McMillan not only has feed options for pleasure-type horses and ponies but they have been long-term supporters
of these grassroots events. Partnering with one of the few feed companies that use only New Zealand-grown grains is very important to the Wilsons, who are passionate about the domestic farming industry. The feed is fresh, consistent and cost-effective – but most of all, the horses love it.

The Wilson family are very proud to be associated with McMillan Equine Feeds and look forward to continued joint success in the future.

For more information contact your local Nutrition Specialist.

Article supplied by Claire Wilson and Luisa Wood,
Equine Nutritionist.

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