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About McMillan Equine

McMillan Equine Feeds are dedicated to providing the highest quality nutrition to New Zealand horses. We recognise that correct and balanced feeding is a critical component of proper horse care. McMillan Feeds use only the highest quality ingredients including New Zealand grown grains that have been steam flaked to significantly enhance digestibility. McMillan have a range of feeds to suit every type of horse. At McMillan Feeds, we share your passion for horses.


McMillan Equine Feeds is proudly New Zealand owned and our feeds are made
using only locally sourced grains.

From the paddock

Growing grain is an important part of New Zealand’s farming history. McMillan is proud to support our local farmers by using only New Zealand grown grain in our equine feeds.

The raw grain

Grains are ripened and dried to a moisture content of less than 12% before harvesting, storing and transporting to silos at our feed mill.

Steam flaking

This process enhances the
digestibility of McMillan Equine
Feeds. It involves steaming whole grains at atmospheric pressure and then rolling it, to ensure consistency.

Mixing muesli

All ingredients are brought together, including high quality protein sources and cold pressed canola oil. They are mixed one tonne at a time to ensure consistency.


Specialist feed bags are used to seal in the freshness. These vibrantly coloured bags provide a quick reference guide to the McMillan range.

The horse's mouth

Share your passion for horses by feeding your horse with a highly palatable and nutritious feed.


We share your passion for horses.

McMillan Products

McMillan Equine Feeds are fully fortified to meet your horse’s individual needs.

Sport and Leisure

The breeding and Conditioning range of products from McMillan Equine is formulated to support young horses as they grow and develop and to provide appropriate nutrition to pregnant and lactating mares and breeding stallions.


A range of feeds designed for horses in low level work and at rest, that combine high quality ingredients to provide optimum energy and protein levels while meeting all essential nutrients required for maintaining health and vitality.

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McMillan performance feeds are designed to meet the nutritional requirements of hard working performance horses by providing energy from different slow and fast release sources, high quality protein that delivers the most suitable ratio of amino acids, and balanced vitamin and organic minerals.

McMillan has developed a range of supplements and feeds designed to provide correct nutrition to support horses with specific health conditions.


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The McMillan family began making horse feed for over 40 years.

Where to buy McMillan

McMillan Equine Feeds are available from selected retail outlets throughout New Zealand.

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